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Fraudulent SCAMS!!!

Anthony Ian Rhodes has been in the computer business for over 10 years+, he has seen an increase in some terrible scams. These have been from phone calls to police malware scams on the computers.

What is a Scam?

A scam is described as any fraudulent business or scheme to take money or other goods from an unsuspecting person. With even more user's now connected to the Internet, there has been a dramatic rise in online scams, & it's often up to the user to stay cautious with other user's on the Internet.

Types of scams to look out for.

There are thousands of different types of scams today, this all boils down to people trying to steal your money, or your personnel possessions. In the following section I will tell you about some of the most common types of scams.


This is when you receive an e-mail from someone who is pretending to be your bank, PayPal or eBay, the email indicates you are overdrawn, made a purchase you really didn't make, or your have a block on your account. The scammer sends you a URL link in the scam email and asks you to log into your account and verify the information. However, the link they send to you in the e-mail, actually points to a fake site that logs your username and password information in a database. Giving the fraudster a chance to access your account later on.


This is where you get a phone call from someone that says there from Microsoft, or an Internet Provider etc. They tell you that your computer has reported to them that there are some security issues, that they need to sort out immediately, they go through some checks with you, as they tell you they need remote access to your computer to sort out the problem for a fee.


This is also called the police malware scam, this type of scam is a random malware program installed on your computer which hijacks the computer till you pay the developers for the program to remove it from your computer.

What to do if you have been hit by a scam

I will be giving you advice on how to remove some of these scam program's from your computer system if you have been hit by some of these programs. I will also be adding more information in detail for you to follow & understand, with each type of scam, these will be in the form of a read more link in the sections above.

The best advice i can give immediately to a user is as follows.

  • If an unknown person turns up at your door. Dont let the scammer use your computer.
  • If its a phone call scam and they ask to help you out, on your computer by installing a program that gives them remote access to the computer. Dont let them have remote access into your computer by not installing the program. (if in doubt put the phone down).
  • If you have let the scammer into your computer, then look at the guides below and install the programs that are in the downloads section. (If you are having problems with them please go to the contacts page and send us an email).
  • Let your bank or credit card company know you have been hit wit a scam, so they can keep an eye on the account for any other transaction from the scammer. (Sometime's the banks will advise that you change your cards).
  • If your unable to do any of the above, go to your local computer shop and ask then to check your computer or contact us via the contact page and we will give you a quote for this service via door to door service and cleaning up your computer system.
  • Also another important thing to do it change your password to all your accounts just in case you have been compromised there is an article here http://www.fmssltd.co.uk/hints-tips/change-password-seven-tips-to-creating-a-secure-password to help you Create a secure password. (please see note below why this is important)

Programs and guide's to aid you if you have been hit by a scammer

Malwarebytes Guide

Spybot Guide 

ADWcleaner Full Guide

Why it is important to changing your password to make it secure.

The reason to have a secure password is to keep you data safe and not let anyone have this information. Never write it down on a computer system or device as many hackers will find them on the system if they do a search. Also if you follow the 7 tips on the above link you will make a secure password.

If you don’t have a secure password and just a word like “computer”, I’ll let you know what some hacker do to gain you password. First they use a brute force program which uses a dictionary of common words that users use and as you see “computer” is a common word found in a dictionary.

So make a secure password as in the above link this will show you what to do if you want to use the word “computer” and how to make it secure so that a brute force program can’t get your password.


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