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I've done a example of how long it could take you to make yourself a coin in an excel style sheet and if you follow it, you could make the coin a lot quicker so have a look and see if you could make the coin quicker with the help of your freind.

You on your own
Date Coin Amount per spin Coin amount Number of spins Spins per day No of days
02/08/2018 XRP 0.00068981 1 1450 10 145
03/08/2018 XEM 0.00203804 1 491 10 49
03/08/2018 ADA 0.00239425 1 418 10 42
With the Help of your Friends  
You 02/08/2018 XRP 0.00068981 1 966 10 97
Friend / s 1 02/08/2018 XRP 0.00034491
 Total of both 0.00103472
 You 03/08/2018 XEM 0.00203804 1 327 10 33
 Freind / s 1 03/08/2018 XEM 0.00101902
 Total of both 0.00305706
 You 03/08/2018 ADA 0.00239425 1 278 10 28
 Friend / s 1 03/08/2018 ADA 0.00119713
 Total of both 0.00359138

Remember there is a promoition on at the moment for these sites and if you dont want to do it every hour you can split it up but i only have done the above on 10 spins a day you can do more if you want. Also the amount on the spins could go up or down as the price increases or decreases, and you still get 50% of each of your friends that you get from your spins. I a good idea to tell your friends to do the same as you as there will increase or just ask your friend to just do it on your refferal code, which every work for you.

I did look at the spreadsheet and it did look good that if i had 100 friends i could make a coin on the above sites every 3 days which could make you about 10 coins a month and if that coin goes up you could have a little nest egg later on. Also remember it is not a get rich scheme it just doing a little time ever hour on these sites it will take you about 3 mins or less to change from one to the other.


Have you thought about getting crypto currency? If so have a look at these sites that are offering you free coins every hour and they also have a promotion on at the moment to get extra spins.

The coins that they do are







The above coins you can get from the following sites.

Free Bitcoin (BTC)   Click here for the site

Free Ripple (XRP) Click here for the site 

Free Nem (XEM)  Click here for the site  

Free Cardano (ADA) Click here for the site    


At the time of me of doing this article the price of the above coins was as follows


BTC = $7,602.21 Source 
 XRP = $0.43  https://coinmarketcap.com/
 ADA = $0.13  02/08/18
 NEM = $0.15  


If you look at the prices there is only the BTC that is the highest price and the others are low. This is a good time to start to building up your coins a when there low you get a high chance of getting high coins. Examples


On the BTC site you will get 0.00000004 on a spin.

On the XRP site you will get 0.00068886 on a spin.


You will get more or less but it depends on the price of the coin at the time.

if you want to look at this link it will give you an idea of how it works with you and your friends click here.


If you visit the link below you will get some codes to get the extra spins.


Also if you refer a friend and you get 50% of what they get.

So have a look and get your coins.

I will be putting more links on our website to other coins and how to set up wallets and exchange your coins.


Update on payouts on 24/08/18